Do you have a harddisk full of terrific images, and you would just love to sell them?

Then you've come to the right place,
because Tilpy makes it easy for you to earn money from your shots

By Tilpy photographer Christina Loehr

Turn your pictures easily into money

Clients are looking for professional images 1

Clients all over the world are looking for images - and they might be looking for yours!

Clients are looking for professional images 2

Simply browse our contests and submit your most suitable pictures

Get paid for your images 3

If the client chooses your picture, they get the hi-res file and you get paid

By Tilpy photographer Jonathan Nguyen

Your harddrive is a goldmine

Make a quick buck with photos you already have

Tilpy’s new contest feature is a way for you to sell the rights to photos you have taken in the past. If you own the rights, your photos are eligible to for a Tilpy contest.

Earn up to several thousand Euros per photo

Rates for photos start at 175 Euro per photo and only go up from there, depending on the license type the client is asking for. It’s also possible to sell multiple photos in a single contest.

Entering a contest on Tilpy is a snap

  1. Browse the open contests until you see one you like
  2. Sign in to Tilpy, or create an account for free
  3. Submit your photographs
  4. Wait for the client to buy your photo
  5. Earn from your photos!

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Check out current projects on Tilpy!

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By Tilpy photographer Sheku Conteh

By Tilpy photographer Benjamin Zurbriggen

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